Employee engagement

Do you know the difference between an
engaged employee and a passionate one?

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Discover the difference between engagement and passion in this article 

Your benefits

  • initial benchmark of the organisation’s emotional health
  • outline what the trust level is in the organisation
  • percentage of employees at each level of passion
  • feedback about the impact of both frontline leadership and organisational leadership on employee passion
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    solutions to improve employee passion
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Why should you care

Your typical challenges are: 

  • Deliver increased value to internal or external customers – value your competitors cannot match
  • Having engaged employees focused and committed to doing their best
  • Passionate employees take your organisation to the next level.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"     Steve Jobs

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How employee engagement and passion training works for you

There is little doubt that passion is a significant factor differentiating between good and great companies

Welcome to the world of workplace effectiveness and passion: 

  • Shows you in detail how well your organisation is doing at creating a passionate team
  • Highlights clearly the various strengths and weaknesses
  • We create initiatives to address the pinpointed problem areas
  • Provides the bedrock of data for tailored leadership development, team development
  • Enables you to measure the impact of your initiatives on employee passion levels
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What does it look like ?


  • Your employee's needs: personal importance and organisational performance
  • Levels of passion across the team or entire organisation
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    The Values that Build Trust: personal importance and organisational performance
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    Builing passion together


  • 1 day instructor-led session 

Your package

  • Employee Passion survey report
  • Team training

Passion survey Synopsis - Employee engagement and communication training synopsis

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