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Introduction to MBTI step I

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The Myers Briggs Indicator Step I: a simple tool to discover yourself, the team and become more effective together. 

A one-day or half-day workshop facilitated by a certified mbti professional:

  • Introduce the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to the members of the team
  • Build awareness of differences, strenghts, blind spots within the mbti framework
  • Value diversity, tap the potential to reinforce complementary skills and work together effectively
  • Apply in the workplace, team members view where they fit in the mbti framework, support personal and team development in communication, change management, problem solving and leadership, using group exercices and facilitated discussion

An effective team and organisation are made up of people with different behavioral preferences and styles that complement each other. Many people and organisations ignore the potential of teamwork: helping them to understand how they work, how their preferences interact with those of colleagues and what you can do knowing all that, represents a first building block of creating an effective team. 

The MBTI questionnaire is the most used personality test in the world, with more than 3 million questionnaires completed every year. mbti step I is a self awareness and development tool that suits professionals at all levels. This research based assessment is available in more than 15 languages. 

Why should you care

Get the best from your people: By boosting their self-awareness, you’ll enable your employees to make better decisions and be more productive. They’ll become more engaged with their career and improve their interpersonal relationships both at work

Create high-performing teams that grow your business. With a better understanding of themselves and the people they work with, employees develop greater respect for and appreciation of one another. In addition, with effective team-building activities, you can successfully contribute to managing conflict in the workplace

Create a culture of collaboration and performance: It draws new talent, retains current team members, supports collective results. Inspired people improve communication, develop effective leadership, and elevate group dynamics, motivating others to commit to and succeed in your team.

Equip your team with the confidence to face change: Developing resilience to the uncertainty of change is a great challenge facing teams today. Our assessments help you enable employees to adapt to uncertainty and most of the everyday demands of the workplace.

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