Priority Management

In many organisations, we have a planning process in place and also clear guidelines.
I've learned many things in various training sessions, but i'm still not optimally organised yet! 

Does that sound familiar to you? Why is that so?

Ask yourself: how much has been done about learning transfer?

Self Management (we used to call this time management or work life balance):

  • Has been over-rationalised and under implemented. 
  • Requires more practice and hands-on learning.
  • I want someone who helps me implement, beyond explaining theory.

We all have our views on life balance, or when it comes to organising ourselves, yet:

  1. I need to find back things,
  2. I want to better deal with ideas and interruptions
  3. Tasks must be done on time despite the scattered, quickly moving environment. 

Priority Management workshops are hands-on and include coaching for implementation: they target behavioural habits, and are applied in the participants' context.
ake advantage of a proven business management process: Adopt better practices, use Outlook or Lotus Notes more effectively.

I need more information

This Learning Module also appears in our Team, Sales, & Management Learning Programmes.
It is common to all packaged Learning Programmes because it covers fundamental management skills!