Team Dynamics


Rely on own and group talent

Team members need to know how to let their strengths shine, while the group needs to know how to work as a unit. If there is one competitive advantage that has been largely untapped in the work environment, it's teamwork. That's a shame because it's not expensive and not overly difficult to implement, yet we need courage and persistence.

In order to make a team increasingly effective together, we need to:

  • Avoid to focus only the measurable and verifiable topics such as projects, finance, or technology.
  • Understand the impact of teamwork: hard to measure, needs courage, discipline & emotional energy.
  • Stop thinking we "buy" teamwork, just like software, thinking it happens because we say it's needed.
  • Adopt a working culture: set aside individual needs for the good of the team and accomplish more.
  • Replace politics and confusion, with trust, focus and skill: rely on each other, get more done.

The outcome? A better sense of belonging, purpose and connection: the strongest motivators and performance boosters you could possibly find.

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