Planning for focus

planning performance arrowsPlanning and scheduling with a purpose support execution performance. Planning addresses the question: “what do I choose as priorities and how will I implement them”? Scheduling is about the “when”.

Effectiveness, time management and clean disk/ desk are a combination. So we need the plan, the tools and the working method adjusted and used accordingly in order to increase productivity (on-the-job performance).

We will focus on matching the purpose, process and skills, and use your Outlook/Lotus Notes. Since the limiting factor is time availability, we will have to choose the activities we go for versus the ones we drop.

We will cover the following topics:

  • self-management (planning & scheduling)
  • new habits to develop for effective management
  • change your mindset as the key to behave differently
  • learning by doing delivers results

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In which Learning Programmes does this Learning Module appear? TeamManagement
This Learning Module is a common thread because it covers fundamental management skills!