Influence for Performance

Influence is a key activity and skill for every manager. We do it every day whether aware of it or not.
It’s all about relationship, and how to interact with others to get the job done.

The environment we work in, is flexibel and changes often, driven by projects or worse, by urgencies, which are not always our own.
Our focus in this learning module: positively impact the outcome of all interactions so that others willingly go your way (not because they have to).

Effective people interaction is a must for those wanting to reach thier own busiinfluenceness and team goals.

Gain best practice at clearly reading each situation: ask the right questions, listen well, understand the issues at a deeper level, communicate with confidence and get buy-in.

I need more information

In which Learning Programme does this Learning Module appear? TeamSalesManagement. Why?
Because this Learning Module covers fundamental management skills!