Team Alignment Survey

Trust is an essential foundation for effective teamwork. It is equally important, however, for the team to be in alignment on the direction in which it is going, and on the outcomes it is aiming to achieve.

Two essential factors determine team success: trust and alignment. Team alignment is essential for teamwork - yealignmentt so many teams fail to achieve alignment. Why? Three key reasons explain why teams fail to achieve alignment:

  1. Team members don't understand what alignment really means.
  2. Teams lack focus on what secures alignment: Purpose and Values.
  3. A lack of trust prevents open, frank dialogue.

The Team Alignment Survey measures alignment in two sections:

  1. Team Alignment Report: the degree to which team members are in alignment on Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Procedures and Roles.
  2. The Team Trust Report: measures the degree to which team members perceive the Elements of Trust™, and the values that support them, to be present in the team.

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