Performance - Sales

sales-performanceNot so long ago, salespeople would go off the road to assist to presence-based sales training. Many organisations no longer consider one-size-fits-all, ‘sheep-dip’ training to be either effective or affordable.

What if you could focus specific development on individual sales people precisely when and where needed? 

Sales Talent Assessment and Sales Team Dashboards enable you to do precisely that. They offer a high degree of detail, the data is easy to interpret, yet the Talent Dasboards provide you with overview. 

When you assess team members (or new hires), you identify possible skills gaps and determine the maximum development potential of each individual, you are firmly back in control of the development process. Individuals only receive the development they need – when they need it – in the context of your specific sales organisation.

The highly accurate Sales Talent Assessment tools enable forward-thinking sales organisations to assess and understand the development needs of each individual in the team, as part of an ongoing process of developing top sales performers.