Performance assessments

The MPX Performance assessment focuses on, and measures your actual behaviour in the areas of purpose, planning, scheduling, resource management, measurement, ownership, delegation, influence and learning. It delivers a snapshot of your behaviours and expectations across these critical areas. This survey's outcome, will provide you with a new understanding on your effectiveness behaviours with regards to workload management.

The Time Mastery Profile measures 12 ways to be more effective and helps you target those areas where the improvement will bring most results. The MPX assessment is a benchmark where the Time Mastery Profile is a Survey, which offers advice on best practice. Both measure actual behaviour: the benchmark compares it to best practice.


1. MPX profile      2. Time Mastery profile
  • From purpose to learning
  • A benchmark for best practice behaviour
  • High level overview
  • From self management to optimising team-time
  • 12 behaviours that lead to increased time awareness and management
  • Practical overview

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