Optima Workplace

This LearnTrack is for people who work in the field, and often in teams. When we measure knowledge worker effectiveness, we observe that:team

  • People naturally prefer action over planning and reflection.
  • Goals are not translated into action plans and balanced schedules.
  • People keep on looking for things (on their desk or electronically).
  • The digital deluge is a time waste(email, instant messages, calls).
  • Communication and mutual understanding is challenging.

Team members often suffer from workload management issues and even more when one of them gets promoted to manager, project/team leader, because s/he spends more time in administration tasks than in active supervision and coaching of the team.

The 4 modules of this LearnTrack helps teams to achieve more:

  1. Translate goals/objectives into action for efficient execution - Master Plan.
  2. Practice workload management with increased balance - Tempo Master.
  3. Gain more balance between saying and listening, for higher impact on the team - Master Influence.
  4. Become aware how others perceive you, and adapt to their needs - Flexible Team Performance.