Optima Management

This LearnTrack helps management to be practiced rather than being a theory and focuses on behavioural habits, which for newly appointed managers need to evolve from operational to more team supportive behaviours. Though acquiring the appropriate skills and habits takes time, this LearnTrack will help you speed up implementation.

a world of opportunityPeople are the most important asset in this company
Internal communication, planning and motivation are essential productivity factors according to management. The field perceives this reality slightly differently, and thinks the main issue is managerial.

So what is the issue we are dealing with?
Field force thinks their managers are disconnected from reality and insufficiently helping them. What's your perception? Do the issues come from above, below or from your behaviour and/or choices?

We will focus on three areas:

  • Effective supervision, guidance and securing performance at the team level.
  • Create understanding, support and buy-in from all stakeholder of your business.
  • Develop crystal clear communication between all parties.