Packaged learning programmes

Improve workplace culture.
Increase employee and customer loyalty.
Gain competitive advantage.

Most programmes focused on developing leadership hit all the right notes: responsibility, performance, engagement, collaboration, and communication. How many of these development programs result in real change in the organisation's culture that increases adaptability and innovation?

This is why the Optima learning programme packages are different.

Optima packages are more than a training program. They provide the skills, tools, and methodology that will equip developing leaders to use a hands-on approach that delivers sustainable results.

The Optima development learning programs have an immediate positive impact on performance, because they are delivered with the support of a personal coach and designated mentor. This ensures that leaders use the knowledge and skills learned to increase effectiveness in and with their teams.

Optima learning programmes are packaged, offering a better price/performance ratio.
These are an optimal fit for younger managers, who still learn the essential behaviours.

For more specific needs you can also consider custom learning programmes, offering the best chances for specific implementation. 
They are a better fit when more specific implementation is of essence.

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