Leadership Development Process

leadership development processAfter over 30 years of research and working with leaders in hundreds of organisations, our partner, Intégro has distilled the complex role of leadership down to four basic skills:

  1. Build Trust
  2. Mentor
  3. Inspire Commitment and Passion
  4. Build Winning Teams

What most leadership programs attempt to do is teach these leadership skills in one session, whether that be a keynote speech of 90 minutes or a five day intensive leadership retreat. The reality is each of these leadership skills needs to be applied before they are really learned. The uniqueness of Intégros'/Learning Partners' approach is to focus on developing one leadership skill at a time and requiring leaders to apply that skill in the workplace.

How this Approach to Leadership Development Increases Customer Loyalty and Passion

It is a process not an event. the Leadership Development Process consists of four levels of leadership development designed to be run over 18 months to two years.

The appropriate use of learning instruments. In addition to the Flexibility and Trust Survey, we have included a number of learning instruments to provide leaders with feedback about different aspects of their behaviour. Each new layer of self-awareness contributes to an ongoing increase in emotional intelligence.

Application in the workplace. After each session there are specific application assignments leaders complete with their teams. The focus of these assignments is on the employee… increase their engagement and commitment, and focus them on delivering value to the customer that your competitors can't match.

One-on-one coaching. Follow-up coaching for each leader is provided after each session, with a focus on supporting leaders in achieving their own personal development goals, as well as coaching them through the implementation of the assignments with their teams.

The Leader's Journal. During each session leaders receive a journal that outlines their individual and team action steps and provides the opportunity for them to document progress made for debriefing in their one-on-one coaching sessions.

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