Deliver learning solutions

learning solutionsOur purpose involves learning, which constantly evolves. From presence training, to e-learning and online webinars, learning happens in different ways. 

According to research, organisations require a broader range and higher level of skills. Relationship skills are considered important by 80% of these organisations and communication skills by 65%. In addition, it was observed that their new employees also lack management and leadership skills, all of which are needed to meet business objectives.

Here are some of our conclusions on learning delivery:

  1. The most common training is presential followed by on-the-job training (at the pc).
  2. ‘Seeing how to do things' and practising is perceived as the best learning method.
  3. Younger workers have comparable learning preferences to more senior workers.
  4. The role of the line manager is increasingly important together with HR-training.

Our typical learning mix builds upon a 10 day learning programme spread over 3 to 6 months:

  • Define what and how to learn: Assessment followed by an individual LearnPlan
  • Learn by practising, take time to implement: LearnTracks