What we do

Learning Partners Int. is a learning and development consulting firm, providing solutions for international organisations, helping them to implement effective self management skills, sales (management) competencies or behavioural habits for increased (senior) team alignement.Fotolia 2776938 M

Our scope covers from individual or team-wide surveys and assessments to intensive multi-phased skills development programs in the areas of workplace, sales and team leadership-performance. In all three areas, the focus is on implementation in the workplace and enabling performance improvement, by adopting the right behavioural habits and values that build trust.

Striving to secure focus throughout the learning initiative, we rely on assessment to make sure we are dealing with the right issues and enabling the right skills and attitudes that achieve the customer's expectations. With the right assessment, the training and subsequent coaching can be focused on those areas that offer improvement, instead of choosing a "one fits all" approach where the results are only to be hoped for. 

While we do so, we make sure the learning support and delivery are adapted to your situation and requirements. One purpose remains in all our mandates: help people learn and execute effectively in the workplace.